Russia to host talks with leaders of Armenia and Azerbaijan

07.08.2014 | 14:47

БезымянныйLeaders of arch-foes Armenia and Azerbaijan are expected to meet for talks hosted by Russia as fears grow that military clashes may lead to a resumption of one of the bloodiest post-Soviet wars.


The disputed territory of Nagorno-Karabakh has seen fierce fighting since last week between Azeri government forces and ethnic Armenian separatists.


It is described as the worst flare-up of violence in years for the breakaway enclave that lies within Azerbaijan but has a majority Armenian population.


Armenian snipers targeted two children, one aged 9 and the other 14.Both children were taken to hospital for treatment.


The breakaway enclave said one of its men was killed by a soldier from the Azeri side. That raises the number killed killed on both sides to at least eighteen.


Azerbaijan’s relations with Armenia remain severely strained.`



Nagorno-Karabakh has run its own affairs, backed by Armenia, since a war two decades ago killed around 30,000 people.
Despite a 1994 ceasefire, international mediation has failed to secure a permanent settlement.






07.08.2014 14:47

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