Serseng must be accepted as a part of the massacre policy of armenians’

01.05.2014 | 06:07

1398926924_1398761181_mg_1861-300x199Elkhan Suleymanov,
Presiden ACSDA ,MP from Shamakhy


The Association for Civil Society Development in Azerbaijan (ACSDA) dedicated its activity to ensuring national interests of Azerbaijani state and people and realized a lot of projects in this sphere. In this regard, one of the ACSDA’s priorities is to deliver to the world community the truths regarding Armenians’ systemic and constant genocide crimes against Azerbaijani people, Armenian armed aggression against our country, ethnic cleansing policy against our nation in the occupied territories, war crimes, and crimes against humanity.

On May 28, the ACSDA announced a new project over 110′s anniversary of Armenians ethnic cleansing policy against Azerbaijani people on the framework of the press-tour to Shamakhi for journalists regarding the genocide of Azerbaijanis. The project aims at informing the world community about deliberate, planned, and systemic armed attacks, massacres, and genocide crimes of Armenian armed forces against Azerbaijani people since 1905.

During solely between 1905 and 1907, Armenians committed wide-scale bloody operations, destructed hundreds of settlements of Azerbaijanis, and brutally killed ten thousands of Azerbaijanis. Bloody operations and genocide against Azerbaijani people by Armenians was continued, and these bloody crimes covered all settlements of ethnic Azerbaijanis of South Caucasus.

The genocide policy was continued on the level of Armenian state after its establishment in historical Azerbaijani territories. As a consequence of genocide crimes by Armenians, over 2 (two) million Azerbaijani people were killed and displaced from their historical territories during last hundred years.

World Armenians are going to celebrate 100’s anniversary of so-called genocide committed against them during the Ottoman Empire. One of the goals of our project is to inform the world community about these false claims and the facts that they were not subject to any genocide 100 years ago, and that on the contrary, Armenians launched genocide crimes against the Azerbaijani people 110 years ago.

In short, our main goal is to shatter 100 years’ old Armenian lie and hypocrisy and to inform the world community that Armenians are not the nation exposed to genocide, on the contrary, they committed genocide crimes against Azerbaijani people.

The website www.1905.az functions for a month. The website covers documents, scientific studies on the issue, researches and interviews with prominent specialists.

The project aims to publish books in different languages, to hold international conferences, and to regularly place articles in the world media.

It should be noted that the water, source of life, has been used as a weapon by the Armenian state against the Azerbaijan nation so far. Undoubtedly, Sarsang water reservoir, which is under occupation for over 23 years, has become a real danger for 400.000 civilians living in 6 frontier regions, and taking into consideration the height of the reservoir, the Armenian government will use this water reservoir as a means to deliberately massacre the Azerbaijani population living in frontier regions anytime.

The Armenian’s usage water as a weapon against Azerbaijan was recently vividly confirmed. Thus, Armenian academician Ruben Chrbashyan talked about the necessary “political” and “strategic” importance of the lake Sevan in the annual report of the Armenian National Academy of Sciences on April 23. He told: “20-30% of water from the lake Sevan is used in its own lands, the rest 70% is directed to Nakhchivan”. Armenian President S. Sarkisyan was surprised and responded to the academician: “You should know that even a drop of water from the lake Sevan doesn’t flow to Nakhchivan.”

I asked a Doctor of Geographical Sciences, professor Chingiz Ismayilov to clarify whether the water flew from the lake Sevan (Goycha) to Nakhchivan. He told: “No river flows to Nakhchivan from the lake Sevan. In general, only the river Arpa flows to Nakhchivan from Armenia and the great part of its water has been directed to Sevan through tunnels”.

I believe that the fact that the Armenian side spreads such information of sabotage character on the eve of the appointment of rapporteur on Sarsang water reservoir in PACE is not accidental. Interestingly, Armenia spread false information that the point on the issue of the appointment of a rapporteur on Sarsang in the media some days ago.

By the way, the Armenians again celebrated the anniversary of genocide on April 24. Thus, I would like to mention that Armenians are not a nation subject to genocide, but they are a nation, which committed genocide. On the other hand, the Republic of Turkey called on establishing a common historical commission for scientific investigations on 1915-year developments and this call is still valid. The establishment of a common commission consisting of Turkish, Armenian and international historians can be necessary in objective evaluation of 1915-year events. Unfortunately, the Armenian side mentions that there is no need for such a competent common commission, thus, proving once more that it is not interested in the neutral resolution of the problem.


01.05.2014 06:07

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