Sevinj Fataliyeva: Armenian snipers target Azerbaijani children living on frontline areas

25.04.2017 | 17:14

5743The ongoing discussions within the spring session of the Parliamentary Assembly the Council of Europe (PACE) have focused on numerous questions. Member of Azerbaijani delegation to PACE, chairperson of the Sub-Committee on the European Social Charter of the PACE Committee on Social Affairs, Health and Sustainable Development Sevinj Fataliyeva spoke of the conflicts in Syria, Ukraine, Nagorno Karabakh as a result of which thousands of children lose their lives or are gravely injured by attacks and explosions. ‘The Armenian snipers choose Azerbaijani children living near the frontline as targets. It is high time to ensure security of each children’, she stressed. At her words, the “lawmakers have to make serious political decisions to this end”.



25.04.2017 17:14

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