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1376981393_s1After Armenian invasion of Azerbaijan lands more than 5000 Azeri citizens were lost, thus 55 kids, 326 women, 409 old people were in this among them. 1500 people who were captivated set free, however it was found that they had been tortured there and most of them were disabled eternally. It was too difficult to prepare this article. As a person who saw the war’s terror and as a person who saw the victims of Khojaly genocide during writing this article I felt the same years again. It was too difficult to depict Armenian violence. All items in this article were taken from the witnesses’ words, the information of National Security Ministry, reports of “State Commission of captives and missed people”. Furthermore, we used the writings of Armenian authors and the words of participants in the war. Some witnesses did not want to disclose their names in this article, that’s why their names will be kept secretly.

We present the tortures sequence made by Armenians to our nation in this article. Such tortures have not been implemented before to any person or a nation. However they realized this horror to our nation’s old, young people, kids, women. I wrote this article for instigating your hatred to the enemies again and we should be aware of these disgusting facts.


1.Penetrating the bludgeon, iron and other tools into the anus hole of people : This violence was realized to soldiers in Shusha prisons. For instance, it was one of the “favorite” kinds of torture of Samvel Babayan who was a state official. Baku citizen Rauf who was freed from capture was a victim of this frustrated violence, and his intestinal was cut for 10 cm and taken away.
1376981572_s22.They cut stomach of pregnant women and kids were taken from there: Armenians cut stomach of pregnant women with soldier knife especially in Khojaly genocide, and they took kids from there. They fed dogs with these kids, and put several things like snakes, frogs, cats or rats inside this wounded women. After this violence they just looked how the women dying in pains.
3.Rape : Armenians raped all women and girls from the age of 4 till 60, then they coerced these people to dance nakedly. The mother of the girl who was raped in Khojaly could not bear this frustrated thing and killed herself with a rope. The other woman also committed suicide for rescuing from this torture. The innocent girls from Azerbaijan were kept for Armenians who came to Karabakh from foreign countries and they were presented as gifts.
4.Coercing people to have sexual relation with one another : Armenians who made Azerbaijan soldiers and captivated civil people to have sexual relation. Armenians recorded these actions with a camera.
5. Rats’ nest : They roped arms and legs of the captives and stringed to iron buckets. They put rats inside this bucket and opened a hole on it. They put captives there and heated the bucket, the rats go out of the bucket ad penetrate inside the anus hole of the captives. They ate internal organs of these people and after feeding they went back. This torment was utilized mostly by Syrian and Lebanon Armenians.
6. A bullet to the ear : They roped arms of captures and string the ears to tree. They gave money prizes to those who could eradicate ears with a bullet.

7. To fire in flames : They hung several captures from their hands and made a fire under their feet, burn in hot water, to throw inside the well, spill diesel or oil, to throw into the iron pipe or string to wood and instigate. These were some kinds of violence made by Armenians.
8. Kill as a sacrifice : Armenians killed some captives from Azerbaijan as a sacrifice in the graves of their soldiers or in national holidays. Firstly, they beat these people with truncheons, then opened the arms in contrast sides, they cut the arms with axes. They tore their breasts and extracted he hearts of captives. They even bet to cut heads of captives with one blow. If the head could not be cut with one blow, they simply watched how a person dies in great pains.
9. To tack : They tacked hands and legs of captures to a piece of wood, they drove 1376981599_s3nails into heads of these people. The most “favorite” game of these savages was to use automatic nailed device and pushed tacks into their brains, eyes and hearts.



10. To feed with feces and urines : Armenians kept captures hungry and thirsty. They coerced these people to eat feces and drink urine.



11. Kiss the flag : They hung two flags and made people to kiss Armenian flag and spit on Azerbaijan’s flag. People who did not want to realize it was beaten hard and their arms were broken.



12. To eat glass and nails : They kept prisoners hungry and made them to eat glass, nails or other metals. The captives who could survive after this torment were given something to eat. Those who died were thrown into toilets.



13. To keep as dogs : Wealthy Armenians brought captives as dogs at their homes or gardens. They put chains on their throats and made them to stay and bark like dogs. Sometimes they made “ dog fight” and bet for it. Those who rejected were fired and thrown away.



14. To feed dogs : they put captives in a raw and put them in the place where was the fences around. Instructed dogs torn them apart.



15. Gambling with ears : They put captivated people in a raw and cut their ears. They played with these ears a gable. Those who could “accomplish” more ears were winners and could get money prizes.



16. Extracting teeth : They extracted gold teeth with pincers or pushed with weapon and broke them. Captives were coerced to extract the teeth of Azerbaijani corpses or to dig the graves of Azerbaijan people and to extract gold teeth.



17. Injection : They gave several injections to captives. They gave oil, diesel or alcohol to those people and made them disable.



18. Selling the organs : They extracted internal organs of captives with surgery and sold to foreign states.



19. Insulation to corpses : Armenians threw the corpses of dead Azerbaijan captives into toilet. They cooked the corpses and made other captives to eat it.



20. To tie with ropes : They tied captives’ legs and throats and these people coerced to stay in this position for 24 hours.



21. To put into boxes : Captives were put inside tiny boxes and they coerced to stay in this position for three days.



22. Tormenting the wounded people : They shed boiled oil or benzene on the wounds of captured people. They realized surgery operations for hurting or for experience.



23. Extracting the eyes : They utilized heated soldier knives for extracting the eyes of captives and dogs were fed with them.



24. Fear : They put snakes, spiders, rats and other rats and insects on women and children. They looked at their fear and shouts and entertained with it.



25. Extracting the nails and stripping off skins : They put the captives in a raw and pulled their nails. Then they stripped skins of captives with a razor.



26. Driving : They roped captives behind the cars and drove them in city streets. They stringed Azerbaijan girls in front of the tanks with Armenian flags.



27. Hanging : They hung captives from throats with ropes to cranes and lifted them, after some time they put them to land again. With repeating this action several times Armenian savages could “entertain”.



28. Matches : They put matches in eyelids of captives for hindering them from sleeping. They coerced captives not to close with this way.



29. Speaking ban : For preventing the captives’ speaking their tongues were roped to iron. Captives should spend their nights in this position.



30. Brick : They corded brick to women’s breasts and they coerced the captives to stay in this frustrated position.



31. To hang from hair – Women and girls were hung from hair in the middle of the room without clothes and they spit on their bodies.



32. To deprive from manhood : They hung a stone from the part of genitals and coerced captivated men to stay in this position.



33. Head press : The chins of captives were put on straight place and iron belt was corded over head. They slowly push pressure and firstly all the teeth of prisoners were broken and then the whole head was crumbled.



1376981830_s7We can add other things to this list. Torture Victims Protection Organization prepared torments in the world which were utilized several times and in various periods of history. The list of violence against Azerbaijan people made by Armenians is two times larger. Actually, Azerbaijan citizens were physically and morally tormented in the captivity. The witnesses who could survive from prisons lived the things which are unbearable and inevitable. Armenia violated directly and clearly 1949, 10 august Geneva convention of treatment to war prisoners, 18 december, 2002 resolution about missing people of UNO General Assembly, the article 5 of Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the article 7 of civil and political rights pact, as well as the UN Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.



If I hurt your hearts or remind you some memories and make you cry I would apologize for it. However, my main target was to show again the real faces of our enemies to our native readers and the foreign country citizens



Zaur Aliyev

Member of the ANAS.

The chief of the scientific center of Diasporas and Lobbies

Doctor of Philosophy.




20.08.2013 06:03

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