Shusha will be free from occupation…

08.05.2013 | 11:29

1368001416_po1Today we are obliged to commemorate the anniversary of hard loss. Today is the 21st anniversary of the occupation of Shusha. While we mark the anniversaries of our loss of motherland part by part others make holidays. If to note the well-known proverb: “when there will be holidays in our streets?” 

Will come changes be in 2013 year? First answer came from the deputy Sahib Aliyev:


1368001811_po2“The instigators why the solution longed too much are those who brought Armenians to our lands, established state for them here, who do not pay attention of anti Turk politics in the country and who help them. At last, they are who supported them to get 20 percent of our lands at the beginning of 90th years. But I told some times, again repeat that, though this is contrary the fast solution of the conflict is good for Azerbaijan but also helps Russia too. Just because of this, known circles in the West do not make efforts for the solution of the problem. The dissatisfaction of the biggest country of region from Russia is useful for them. It is impossible to speak about the absolute control of Moscow on the region and of course it makes hard to realize integration projects in their interests. Yes, look from Moscow, the Mountainous Karabakh conflict is the mean of pressure on Azerbaijan and Armenia. But there is opposite thought also. For us, as the problem is not solved yet, it makes problem on the way of frank and tie collaboration with Russia.


1368001751_po3Elman Nesirov- director of Political Research Institute at the Academy of Public Administration under the President of Azerbaijan:


Yes, already 21 years passed but even not a step is done for the solution of the conflict. If our lands will not be freed as a result of negotiations, then if the military way will be realized the freedom of Shusha will be one of the main issues, because Shusha is the center of Karabakh. But it is a pity that the status-quo situation is stayed on.

I think that this issue will be solved in complex. If a decision about the freedom of lands will be made, the priority will be about the freedom of Shusha. As you know, Armenia is the country that depends on Russia. Of course if Russia wants, this problem can be solved. Last days, politicians close to the Kremlin try to deceive people that if Azerbaijan will leave the “Non-Aligned movement”, arrange military bases of Russia in its territory it can solve the Karabakh problem. But these are all political manipulation. In reality everybody knows that, the action of Russia is important. Of course Moscow is not interested in this. Some political circles do not allow this and the status quo situation is useful for them. So they can pressure Azerbaijan and Armenia at the same time. There is not any military base of foreign countries in Azerbaijan. We are member of “Non-Aligned movement” and we make independent policy. This does not satisfy somebody. Our way is rapid development way and as we want to be leader country in the region it does not refer to the interests of Russia.


1368001779_po4Fazil Mustafa- deputy:


“the status of Shusha is reminded in some discussions. Also the issues of occupied five regions are open. Russia prevents this. Though we make some politics against Russia, we cannot change the state politics that was formed for centuries. So, we should think about the ways of making internal resources of Azerbaijan nation active”.


So the war is inevitable?


1368001805_po5Other deputy Zahid Oruj considered that the war is impossible:


“In last period the government has done all to win the Karabakh war and they will do everything. For me, in such international and regional strain it is impossible to get more than this. Because making efforts for the open war, will bring the fortune of Saakashvili. At the same time thinking that we will get what we want by the power of gun though we can get it by negotiations, and acting like fighting with the world under the long swards theory will make us problem. The war is the hard process. It is easy to begin it but impossible to finish. Let me to give you easy example, if to shoot from the guns that Azerbaijan have, they will fall further from Armenia. At the same time Armenia has such possibility too. Also we have oil, oil pipes and bases. What can happen as a result of this war, we should consider. We always keep the war in the agenda as the alternative way. This is needed and makes our power much in negotiations. But we should know that, steps should be done in different ways. The attitude of our country is this. Already the classical war theories do not word, now it is period of informational wars. As the act of capitulation is not signed yet, our claims of returning to those lands will be stay on. In today’s reality the government put the integrity of Azerbaijan as the main condition in all negotiations. This is the red line for us. It is impossible to count how many generations will be starving from this war. Of course I would not like to leave this responsibility for the future generations; I don’t want them to curse us. But the historical mistakes were done, it’s impossible to make them. So there is no other way besides waiting the suitable moment.

“It is impossible to count how many generations will be starving from this war…” Almost all politicians whose thoughts I asked told this… if open or secret thoughts of them like this, then lets readers think the continuation.



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08.05.2013 11:29

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