The Armenian Church denies “genocide”

27.11.2014 | 10:45

ermeni kilsesiRecently, in the religious center Uchmuedzin (Echmiadzin is called so, because of the being the Turkish mosque from Soviet period. This fact is admitted by Armenian historians) a surprising event took place at a meeting of the bishops of the Armenian Apostolic Church, Armenian society shocked as a result of this event. It was so shattering that it is hard to believe all of a sudden. This is about the fictitious Armenian Genocide supposedly committed by Ottoman Empire in 1915.

During the discussions, one part of the bishop experts were against calling as victims of genocide some of victims of fictitious genocide, because in their opinion some of those who were killed were not followers of the Armenian Apostolic Church. They were either atheists or were not killed by Turks. While they left Turkey they became victims of accident due to bad weather condition during the First World War. According to Armenian clergies, those who were faithful to the Christian religion can be considered as the victims of genocide.


As a result, it looks suspicious that how much percentage of “1.5 million victims’ is Armenian.



In this case, in accordance with discussion, “victims of genocide” will belong to “defiled”, not “saints”.

Correspondent of Armenian “Chorrord Isshanutyn” (The Fourth Power) newspaper Mher Arsakyan called all these as “religious fascism”. He said he was interested in only one thing: What kind of so shameful events will they witness after this, until 14 April, 2015?
It seems that, Armenian senior clergies admitted that, majority of victims don’t belong themselves. We must pay attention to another fact: If we look through the bishops’ words we can see that Armenians left Turkey voluntarily and because of bad weather condition, majority of them froze and died on the way.
It means that Armenians died due to frosty weather condition, not Turks. So, Ottoman Turkey is not guilty in this case, this is the fiction of Armenian Church and politicians.
We are confident that, eventually, the world Armenians will admit the truth.



Sabir Babaev



27.11.2014 10:45

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