The captive life is an example of the martyrdom

09.10.2012 | 17:19
1349785128_1348484628_dsc03279The captive life is an example of the martyrdom.
Today our interviewer is Quliyev Hueynaga Aydin. He is from Khocali and was captive for 8 days in Armenia. He also was the head commander in Khocali post.

– What is the motherland for a man who was captive? 
– Motherland is my soul, my blood in veins. Motherland is my breath. Just this soul was faithful to oath. This soul endured to all tortures. Though I have lived very hard life I always loved my motherland and will love.
– How do you remember the attack to Khocali?
– In 25 February, at 21:30, there was information about the attack to Khocali in central television. Motoattacker regiment number 366, which was arranged in Khankendi by SSR, attacked to Khocali in the night from 25 to 26 February. Armenians who were with Russians prepared to this attack. They met the unarmed people with prepared soldiers. They had strong techniques. During the hour they surrounded the city from 4 directions. Everywhere was snow. The roads were bad, it was impossible to go to anywhere. Armenians who used strong artillery and hard techniques fired city in an hour. But we had only hunting guns. They killed and tortured unarmed people. (Huseynaga was nervous while speaking, he pressed his hands and lauded his voice. By author.) It’s very hard to speak what I have seen there. The captive life is an example of the martyrdom.They were taking babies of pregnant women from there uterus and killed with bayonet, then arranged men heads into uterus. They fired babies, old people while they are alive, stripped their skin off, and took their eyes off. They were doing all wild things. They can do those things even today, I am sure. These scenes happened in front of my eyes, but we couldn’t do anything. We were not afraid of. We just were weaker. It was not due to physical power. What we could do against their techniques? We went to the mountainous. Snow didn’t let us. It was like sky and land was crying. There was such storm. They shoot at me, but splinter didnt touch me. The cliff in front of me saved my life. I was wearing military form. They took me. They tortured me so badly that even I cant tell. They beat me so much that my all fingers were broken. Then they made me to stand up. As I stood a little bit late they throw me into the cold water. I lost my mind and dont remember what happened. Then I knew that they took me out of the cold water and put on the fire. When I opened my eyes in the morning I was crast. If my people didnt take me out of the fire as soon as armenians went, I would be dead. There were so many people who burned in front of my eyes. They enjoyed of torture. Not only their men but also women were torturing. My face was in blood. One women came and didnt like me. She said that, give me a normal man, I want to victim him in my son’s birthday. That victim was my wife’s brother. They took Xaqan. His mother could be pregnant after 18 year and her son was killed like this. Even now I remember his shouts.
– Did you have a hope to come back to the motherland after you lived such things? 
– No, I didnt beileve. Every moment we lived under death fear. I was lucky, stayed alive. Or may be Allah didnt take my life. Couldnt speak, my eyes didn’t see anything. My ribs, all fingers, arm, jaw was broken, my head was beaten badly. When I came back I was operated. They were torturing babies. They cut their heads while they are alive, put lever from their mouth and took out of their waist, wrote something with guns in their breast, stripped of their skin, tied to the tree and fires. ( while he speaks he holds his head and cries. By author). They stipped of my 70 year old grandfather’s head skin. Every day they came and took 2-3 man. There The captive life is an example of the martyrdom.was Mahemmed. They shoot his head and he died. That time everybody dreamed about such death. But I saw so much tortured and didn’t die. I am taking cure for 20 years. So good that we have such a motherland. We live with the care of our president. It’s our only consolation.
– How you were changed? How you learned this news?
– I was changed with 10 armenians. When they came they said that this man is wanted alive. Beat him so much that when he will reach to his motherland he will die. They beat me so much that I lost consciousness. When we were going to be changed they woke me up. From the boundary our people took me to the hospital. I was so bad that students in the hospital were not alowed to look at me. May be we will be dead but I beileve in that some day justice will come.
– How many days you were captive? 
– By document for 8 days. But I was in boundary for 2 months. There was verification. We were asked if there was any betrayal or not. When Armenian took captives they killed people who had gun. I had a gun too. But I hid it. They couldn’t proove me. I was 26 year old. There were armenians came from Suria, Libiya. The captive life is an example of the martyrdom.They knew our language. They killed mass people that day. Didn’t want to leave any martyr for faith. We left captive life ill and invalid. Thanks to you that you find us and tell our words to the world.
Were there any captives from your family members or relatives? Are they alive now? 
– They stip of my grandfather’s skin in front of my eyes. My wife’s brother, my mother’s uncle, uncles’ children are dead. My mother was in captive too. Now she is ill. Wife’s mother is always ill after his son. No mother can bare such death. I have some relatives who are told to be lost. There can not be lost after 20 year. They all were killed in Khocali.
– You are 46 now. Have children. Are they patriot? 
– Of course. I have twin sons. They were captive too. One was changed with armenian boy other was bought by state. They are always ready to serve our motherland.
– We made you tired. What is your last words? 
– I always tell that our only way is war. I have some words to our parents. It is not possible to brought up your children as a real men by buying military ticket with bribery. My two sons are police. If there will be a war why I should hid them? There is a proverb, a son is for motherland. Everybody should live soldier life. But if there will be a war, everybody should want it, you should be ready to sacrifice your life for motherland. I was patriot since childhood. I have read so many book about this, watched so many movies. Wanted to be martyr for faith. I live for my motherland. Always was envious to martyres for faith. If there will be a war I will go to revenge. I am martyr for faith alive. Captive life is an example of martyr for faith.

Aysel Talıblı.



09.10.2012 17:19

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