The EuroNest will never discuss the Nagorno Karabakh issue!

20.10.2014 | 10:20

загруженное1. The European Parliament, the main partner in the EuroNest, in response to aggression committed by Armenia have done nothing to protect international rights of Azerbaijan, even though criticizes constantly countries who occupied the other states’ territory.

Explanation: The European Parliament has always a challenge in official documents, about usage of “occupation” word. They support applying of sanction to Russia for occupation of Ukraine, criticize the attitude of China in the Southern China Sea but have done nothing to put an end to the violation of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan by Armenia. It proves obviously that powerful Armenian lobby operates in Brussels and it shows that Azerbaijan is in an inconvenient situation in the sphere of objective partnership.



2. The European Parliament continues its attack against Azerbaijan.

Explanation: During the past years the European Parliament has regularly attacked to Azerbaijan. Every year since 2011, anti-Azerbaijan lobby has faced by the resolutions of the European Parliament for the violations of human rights without any evidence. It proves EP’s bias and makes it not convincing partner.

3. Friends of Azerbaijan were attacked and isolated in the European Parliament.


Explanation: The European Parliament members who approach objectively to Azerbaijan or national politicians are criticized and attacked in Brussels. Even when an official delegation of the European Parliament reports that the election held free and fair in Azerbaijan the enemies of Azerbaijan in the Parliament tried to criticize the delegation, attacked the members and achieved to investigate them.

4. They treat Armenia better than Azerbaijan.

Explanation: Despite the territory occupation fact by Armenia which every country in the world recognizes it as the land of Azerbaijan, human rights violations and mortality in Armenia, and the fact that Armenia signed an agreement with Russia on Customs Union and the European Parliament and EuroNest don’t criticize it. From a logical point of view, Armenia should not be on the EuroNest for joining Customs Union but it seems Europeans only criticize Azerbaijan and don’t pay attention the occupation fact because of the strong Armenian lobby. This partiality makes difficult true and fair cooperation and poisons the work of the EuroNest.

5. EuroNest is a weak tool which does not have legislative power.

Explanation: The documents prepared by EuroNest don’t have real impact in anywhere. They don’t have legislative power and as a result any documents prepared there will not be accepted by neither European Union nor Eastern Partnership. In other words, the EuroNest is a means of influence which is used to justify Eastern Countries lack of access to the European Union. As European Council and the European Parliament resolutions reports of the EuroNest have less worth than the printed papers in terms of the real impact. At the same time within the framework of the EU’s European Neighborhood Instrument’s donation to Eastern Countries (close to 70 million Euro in 2014 to Azerbaijan) was not managed by EuroNest.


6. Eastern Partnership members are treated as second-class citizens in the EuroNest.

Explanation: Many members and officials of the European Parliament treat humiliating, rude, insulting and even racist to members of the Eastern Partnersip. In any case, Azerbaijan is not a low-level country and it doesn’t need to EuroNest and its power.



7. Azerbaijan has no opportunity to negotiate sufficiently on the EuroNest.

Explanation: Due to the continuous attacks of pro-Armenian lobby and inconvenience of EuroNest Procedure Azerbaijan cannot raise its problem in the Assembly.



8. EuroNest is non-executive body of the European Parliament.

Explanation: MEPs who are also members of EuroNest Parliamentary may not be a member of Parliament Committees. Thus, members who have a connection with Eastern Partnership countries don’t make a decision. It makes void any promise to be given to Eastern Partners on EuroNest, so any discussion in committee will not be supported (such as foreign affairs and international trade negotiations).



9. EuroNest is a waste of valuable resources for European Partners.

Explanation: The European Parliament Committees, not EuroNest, are considered as a discussion forum. Participating in EuroNest meetings, working on EuroNest reports does not guarantee a positive report in the European Parliament and positive relationship with the European Commission. EuroNest really doesn’t pay attention efforts to build relations with real power holders in Brussels.



10. EuroNest tells a lie to Eastern Partners.

Explanation: In the past (and possibly future) EuroNest Secretariat (on behalf of the European Parliament) promised to Eastern Partners would never support it. It includes holding meetings in certain countries, to provide assistance to increase funding for the Eastern Partnership, as well as reports about the most important topics on the agenda. However, the secretariat (who only working to maintain their job) as well as MPs can give promises which will not be able to fulfill.



11. EuroNest will never discuss the Nagorno Karabakh issue!

Explanation: For veto of Armenia EuroNest will never touch the most important issue for Azerbaijan. Armenia’s illegal actions and use of the “occupation” word will be never discussed and in EuroNest. Thus, despite Armenia should not even participate in the Eastern Partnership, but EuroNest will help it because if you don’t talk about the problem, it means there is not such a problem.



12. The signature of Customs Union Treaty of Armenia is understood cut of relationship with EuroNest.

Explanation: If Armenia is not in EuroNest Azerbaijan will not have an opportunity for negotiations ( as mentioned in Article 11,even Euronest is futile). In an incomprehensible situation Azerbaijan will not be able to consider discussion reliable.



13. It is assumed that the next meeting of the EuroNest will be held in Yerevan!

Explanation: Holding the spring session of the Parliamentary Assembly of EuroNest is planned in Yerevan and it is considered a triple insult against Azerbaijan. First of all, Azerbaijani MPs will be forced to come and work the capital of a country which occupied illegal a quarter of the territory of their land. Secondly, it will happen despite the signing of the Customs Union Agreement, it means that Armenia will do what it wants and the European Parliament will not apply sanctions against it. Third, if the Azerbaijani MPs boycott the session, decisions will be made without participation of them.

14. Ukraine scandal and funding issues for Moldova and Georgia will be on the agenda in EuroNest now.

Explanation: Because of Russia crisis in Ukraine, all MEPs who registered in EuroNest pay attention mainly assistance to Ukraine now (they will be disappointed because of lack of strength of EuroNest). At the same time some MEPs consider that not depending on focus on these countries they can “protect” Georgia and Moldova from Russia. Azerbaijan faces the risk of being forgotten in this forum.

15. EuroNest is already based on the invalid project.

Explanation: Eastern Partnership was assumed as a new sort of regional project and coalition, involving of equal partners who have real goals. It has turned to simple project which EU funds it ( they have allocated less fund to Azerbaijan than other countries) and has less push and scale. The composition of the EuroNest and its Parliament are fewer than supposed and Eastern Partners have little benefits from it.



16. In comparison with other countries, Azerbaijan has very little benefit from the Eastern Partnership.

Explanation: The amount of funds allocated by the EU’s to Eastern Partners is shown in the list below, and as we have seen, even though Armenia signed Customs Union Treaty, it gains 3 times more financial aid than Azerbaijan.

• Armenia: 182 million. Euro
• English: 75.5 million. Euro
• Belarus: 41.5 million. Euro
• Georgia: 208 million. Euro
• Moldova: 308 million. Euro
• Ukraine: 389 million. Euro



Elkhan Suleymanov
Chairman of Azerbaijani Delegation to the Euronest PA





20.10.2014 10:20

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