The march action “Towards Karabakh” was held

25.02.2014 | 10:34

1393309899_1393054330_1507888_523930131059550_1335797341_n (1)In  2014  on  February 21  in  connection  with  the  22nd  anniversary  of  Karadagli  tragedy  and  Khojali  massacre  a march  action  “Towards  Karabakh”  was  held  under  the  leadership  of  the  Aid  Assosiassion  to  the  Development  of  Civil  Society  in  Azerbaijan  (AADCSA)  and  “KarabakhINFO.com”  international  e-journal, with  the  support  of  Khojavend  Region  Executive  Power. In  the  march  action  held  in  the  place  called  Nargiztepe  of  Khojavend  region  other  non-governmental  organizations  (NGO)  included  in  AADCSA  were  present.

The  action  participants  first  held  a meeting  with  the  head  of  REP  of  Khojavend, Eyvaz  Huseynov. Then  with  the  participation  of  Khojavend  inhabitants  in  the  place  called  Nargiztepe, a wide-range  remembering  ceremony  was  held. The  ceremony  participants  first  visited  the  monument  to  the  memory  of  the  martyrs. After  carnations  were  placed  on  the  monument  complex, the  official  part  of  the  ceremony  started. Firstly  the  martyrs’  memory    was  remembered  with  a minute  of  silence. The  head  of  Khojavend  REP  Eyvaz  Huseynov  began  the  event  with  introductory  words  giving  detailed  information  about  the  tragedy  committed  in  Karadagli  village. He  noted  that  those  wide-range  crimes  weren’t  an  event  of  last  20-25  years. Such  tragedies  have  been  committed  by  Armenians  more  than  ones  for  ages  and  ages.

Then  the  vice-president  of  AADCSA  Veli  Alibeyov  made  a speech  noting  that  the  participation  of  the  people  in  this  event  in  military  uniform  shows  that  Azeri  people  are  always  ready  to  free  the  occupied  territories. He  also  noted  that  the  monument – complex  established  in  the  open  air  has  great  value  in  developing  the  spirit  of  patriotism  in  our  country  and  expressed  that  such  ceremonies  would  be  repeatedly  held  in  future.

The  chief  scientific  recommender  of  “KarabakhINFO.com”  e-journal, the  philosophy  professor  on  history  sciences  Maharram  Zulfugarli  calimed  that  he  had  written  a book  about  Karadagli  tragedy  in 2010. He  also  added  that  his  goal  is  to  make  the  bravery-deed  of  those  heroes  known  in  the  world.

The  editor-in-chief  of  “KarabakhINFO.com”  international  e-journal  Zaur  Geriboglu  gave  detailed  information  about  the  e-journal  he  directed, specially  emphasizing  the  significance  of  the  informative  struggle  against  Armenians  in  the  period  of  information  struggle.

The  chairman  of  PC  “The  Regional  Development  Centre  in  Azerbaijan”, professor  Chingiz  Ismayilov  noted  that  Nargiztepe  is  one  of  the  valuable  and  strategically  important  part  of  Karabakh  region  of  Azerbaijan. Every  Azerbaijani  must  be  proud  of  being  brave  in  defending  the  territory  integrity  of  Azerbaijan  in  front  and  they  will  free  the  occupied  areas  from  Armenian  invasion.

The  chairman  of  the  PC  “The  Observation  of  the  Sites  of  Depriving  from  Freedom”, professor  Kamil  Salimov  spoke  noting  that  the  crimes  happened  in  Kradagli  and  Khojali  are  crimes  against  humanity.

The  president  of  the  Foundation  “Human  Rights  XXI  century- Azerbaijan”  Shahin  Jamalov  noted  that  Karadagli  and  Khojali  tragedies  are  in  fact  the  heroic  deeds  of  the  Azerbaijan  history. The  youth  being  the  future  of  Azerbaijan  shouldn’t  forget  this  history, they  should  always  remember  the  martyrs  who  died  for  the  integrity  of  their  motherland, with  great  pride. The  international  society  must  prevent  from  discrimination  and  two-sided  standards  against  Azerbaijan, they  must  hear  the  right  voice  of  Azerbaijan.

Then  the  ceremony  resumed  in  military  unit  N located  in  Agdam  region. The  participants  of  the  event  held  a meeting  with  soldier  and  officer  staff  of  the  military  unit. During  the  meeting  with  the  leadership  of  “KarabakhINFO.com”  e-journal  the  soldiers  of  the  military  unit  were  presented  a lot of  gifts.

The  march  action  “Towards  Karabakh”  was  heldThe  march  action  “Towards  Karabakh”  was  heldThe  march  action  “Towards  Karabakh”  was  heldThe  march  action  “Towards  Karabakh”  was  heldThe  march  action  “Towards  Karabakh”  was  heldThe  march  action  “Towards  Karabakh”  was  heldThe  march  action  “Towards  Karabakh”  was  heldThe  march  action  “Towards  Karabakh”  was  heldThe  march  action  “Towards  Karabakh”  was  heldThe  march  action  “Towards  Karabakh”  was  held

25.02.2014 10:34

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