The massacre which has been lasting since 1905 …

24.04.2014 | 13:42

1398332288_1398328834_zaur-qeribogluZaur Gariboglu

“KarabakhINFO.com” international e-journal and the editor-in-chief of “KİTV”

The Armenian aggressors cheering by the dream of establishing “Great Armenia” committed wide-range bloody actions against Azerbaijanis in 1905-1907 years. The wildness which began in Baku soon surrounded Azerbaijan and the native villages situated in the territory of present Armenia. Hundreds of settlement were destroyed and knocked down, thousands of Azerbaijanis were savagely perished. The organizers of the bloody event prevented opening the essence of the problem and evaluating it legally and politically, creating a negative character of the Azeri people. In this way our aggressor neighbors covered their adventurist territory claims.

It is known the Azerbaijan state is trying to present the international world from Armenian lies. This struggle is impossible with only the power of the state. Non-governmental organizations, young people, media and other formations should team up in this task. President Ilham Aliyev has repeatedly warned the Azerbaijan citizens that at present in the international world anti-Azerbaijan campaign is being carried out with the support and direct participation of the Armenian lobby. This gradually increasing campaign is accompanied with serious slanders against our nation. As a matter of fact today we are struggling with Armenians for spreading the Azerbaijan truth in the world and delivering it to the world community in the international world.


The policy of massacre which started from 1905 is still going on. It is very important for this policy to get legal value in the world, therefore as sir President says “Attack” policy is of great importance in the international world. One of the leading organizations carrying out this policy is the Aid Association to the Development of Civil Society in Azerbaijan. From the day of its formation AADCSA’s main goal is to deliver the aggressive policy of Armenians against Azerbaijan territory to the world community. The leader of AADCSA, the member of parliament Elkhan Suleymanov has repeatedly sounded Armenia’s armed aggression against Azerbaijan from the international tribunes. As well as the fact of Karabakh’s invasion, the facing of Serseng water warehouse with ecological terror, Nakhchivan’s blockade regime and other important problems were dealt with by Elkhan Suleymanov. Besides them he has launched a wide-range project in the field of delivering the of massacres committed by Armenians against our nation and the real essence of Armenian character to the world community. Next, in 2015 it will be the 110th anniversary of the massacre actions, crimes and terrors committed by Armenians against Azerbaijanis. Among the projects begun with this purpose the information struggle occupies a vital place.


It’s known to everybody that Armenian media is making an effect to form public opinion to their wish by spreading information for their own benefit. It is very important to deliver Azerbaijan reality and facts to the international world as real as they are in Armenian and other languages. Therefore, establishing this type of media bodies should be meant for Armenia, as well as other world countries and the Armenian living in Nagorno Karabakh. They can read objective and real information from this sites.


The formation of www.1905.az portal is of great importance from this point of view. The responsible personality professor Fuad Babayev. One of the main goals of the site is to contribute in delivering our country’s fair position connected to Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorno Karabakh conflict to peace-loving people of the world. The portal which is presented in leading languages of the Security Council of the United Nations Organization will give real and objective information to the world community about the facts of massacre which has been going on since 1905 against our people. In the site “Armenians’ arrival”, “Azerbaijanis’ massacre”, “Armenian state”, “Azerbaijanis’ deportation”, “Armenia’s aggression against Azerbaijan”, “Cease-fire is going on” and other units will play an important role in making Armenians’ real character known in the world in virtual war.


It is clear that differing from military operations, there will never be a cease-fire in this struggle. Nowadays every blog, site and portal created in the virtual struggle is a part of “Attack” policy of Azerbaijan. It is absolutely true. I’m confident that www.1905.az portal which will operate in 12 languages will own one of the vital positions in the virtual struggle. One of the most important point of the created portal is to deliver the material and moral damage done by Armenians against Azerbaijanis from 1905 up to day to the whole world.


It should be mentioned that AADCSA’s other important project – KarabakhINFO.com international e-journal and KarabakhINFO.tv online television will also support www.1905.az portal.




24.04.2014 13:42

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