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1390391577_1389702422_310855_505228832870410_414993100_nYou needn’t  teach children to love the motherland. You should  have  them  recognize their homeland, they will love themselves.

                                   Khudu Mammadov

One of the unique personalities of our nation’s history is Khudu Mammadov.He was an unusual phenomenon, a teacher, a scientist completing each other in a natural way. As well as being a great scientist Khudu  was also close to his own land and had a special place in the history of social and political ideas of Turkism and working towards the survival and propagation of the last century during the reign of the Soviet regime,was one of the few intellectuals who was fighting for independence of Azerbaijan.


He  was  born  in  Kharabakh in  1927  in  Marzili  village of  Agdam. His father was one of the well-known intellectuals. He graduated from Leningrad Academy of Construction. His mother was a good housewife. She looked  after to her three children – Khudu’s, Seren’s, Mehbub’s education and up-bringing.



After finishing 7-year junior school in their native villages, he studied at school located in the centre of region. In 1946, he entered the faculty of geology and geography atAzerbaijan State University. After completing his higher educationhe began to work as a labor at the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences. After some time, he was recognizedas the most talented researcher  not  only in our country but also in the former Soviet Union. Inventions, especially meaningful scientific articles  brought  fame to its the author.


During  each visit to the village, the villagers gathered  around  Khudu and began to ask questions to  the  teacher.In  one of these meetings he was  ask such a question:”Who can be called a true scholar?” Khudu teacher responsed to the question:


– You know, if a scientist talks to a person who  isn’t   aware of   science  and  if  the  person  says: “what he speaks I know – of course, that is a true scientist. But if ” he says, I did not understand anything,” what he says, and then he is not a real scientist.



John Bernal, one of   the English giants in the world of science,in  the scientific conference held in Moscow in 1953, answered the scientist’s opinion who cannot find a word about his “outstanding student”:


 25 years  old  student  did  what  you  and  we  couldn’t  do. Mr. Khudu – “pioneer  student”  found  a  solution.


Thus, Khudu gained the title of a great scholar gentleman when he was 25 years old.


Poet Anvar Ahmed writes: “Khudu teacher was crying. I went next to up  to  him: – Why are you crying, Khudu teacher?  – I said -. He turned his face to the other side. Then he turned and looked at the long yellow line of Agdam. His  eyes  filled with tears again – Anvar, this land is ours, but I feel that something bad will happen to my land. We joined him. After a little break he said that something was  wrong  with his  heart.


]After a meeting with Khudu  teacher well-known Kyrgyz writer Chingiz  Aitmatov writes: “I am proud of one of genius Turkish intellectuals Khudu Mammadov I knew.” Chingiz Aitmatov wroteKhudu Mamedov : ” You are not only older 1 year or 2 days , but also older for parameters too, Khudu my dear sir ! ”


Academic Teymur Bunyadov writes: ” In the field of crystallography Khudu  denied  British,Japanese, and some of the best views of the scholars discoveries’, have  has created the world’s most important inventions. Khudu’s   scientific  inventions  are  not only theoretical, but also has  have  a great practical importance.

People’s poet Bakhtiar  Vahabzadeh wrote about Khudu:”He measured everything in society with the laws of nature. He used to say that if there is a law alien to the nature of society, the law has no right to live. In this sense, communism is contrary to man’s natural feeling. Communism created a fantastic man to stand against the society. He would prove that it is based on the laws of nature, I could not believe it.


Bakhtiar  Vahabzadeh’s memories  about Khudu  Mammadov says a lot about his personal identity. “One day in the late 1970s Nureddin Rzayev and I were guests in the Khudu’s house. Our conversation was around the future of relations with Turkey. For some reason, the conversation was the hol  desire ours. As I said my most sacred dream is to see the southern-northern unity and happiness. Nureddin said that his great and holy desire his  to see  the future is bright.


Khudu said: “The biggest dream is that one day my door will be knocked, and I want to see bayonet rifle in the hands of the Turkish soldier. Then he  asks  if the communist Khudu lives here? I have to say, yes, I do … Say that we came to  shoot Turkey’s last communist Khudu Mammadov. ”


From Khudu Mammadov’s close friend Shakhmar Akbarzadeh’s recollection: “I  haven’t  met the hero of the epic tale as Khudu teacher for his nature of the image in literary work. Khudu teacher was simple, humble, excessive caring. When talking he joked.




PhD, director of the Center for Eurasian Studies, writes about the great scholar: “In my opinion,Khudu Mammadov is the greatest scholar after U. Hajibeyli. However, if we take person’s culture and history as well as the view of the summit of the services for me, U.Hajibeyli is a summit; another summit is Khudu Mammadov – the peak of a new era. He is, in fact, the first martyr of the people’s movement. The main problem is that we lost him. ”


In 1980-1990 – the first secretary of the Party Committee of Aghdam region Sadiq Murtuzayev wrote” My days with Khudu “:Construction had to begin in ironwood plateau . Khudu teacher said he would lead the project of  the construction management. Though he was sick and construction situation was serious, he didn’t give up. The building was built very quickly.


Being one of the closest associates of the founder of ADR M.E.Resulzadeh Muhammad Kengerli writes: In 1969 I gave Khudu Mamedov tricolor flag as a gift, and he secretly  brought the flag. ”


Academic Salahaddin Khalilov writes: ” Khudu Mammadov wrote a monograph as a result of several years of research in 1960, ” Calcium – crystallochemistry “.




There was a request that  monograph  had to be written in English about the structure of thecrystallochemistry book published in London , despite knowing the English language well , Khudu wrote  this monograph in  his own language . Silicate chemistry, which is fundamental to the history of science of crystallochemistry this work was the first book in the native language. The monograph was published in English and Russian languages ​​, the world-famous young Turkish scientist Khudu Mammadov  gave a great contribution to world science. However, “ My first reader must  be my own nation” gives necessary information about this man.


A member of the Azerbaijani Writers’ Union, living in a villages of Russia Sultan writes: “For the first time in the 70-ies of the last century, Khudu Mammadov gave his son Turkish surname. He was  ahead of his time. ”




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