The psychological influence of Armenians’ military aggression

25.04.2014 | 06:30

1398409786_1398081101_285606_358763304237789_1077831137_nKonul Vaqifqizi: “It isn’t difficult understand the feelings of people who lost their dears, lands, possessions and faced hardships”

20 percent of our lands were occupied as a result Armenian aggression. The regions having picturesque landscape were invaded by the bloody enemies in Karabakh war. During the invasion our people faced not only economic, cultural, social shocks, but also psychological ones. Nearly one million people became refugees, hundreds of people died before one-another’s eyed. In her interview to KarabakhINFO.com international e-journal psychological Konul Vaqifgizi states that those who became refugees and lost their nears and dears, got psychological shock having concussion: “People are awakened by sudden gun sounds. So they are living a refugee life, not noticing anything. Some of the people all became refugees from their native lands and got into lots of troubles, accepted this sorrow as a destiny. Others got a big psychological shock without realizing what – refugees and internallydisplacedmean. They are the children who became refugees and internallydisplaced. Their psychological situation became shock by being banished from their native land. As a result, it becomes hard and impossible to inspire them values of tolerance and patience as time goes on. As they grow up, the feeling of revenge doesn’t allow them to get rid of aggression and moral stress. It is natural, cause a child whose dears have been killed before his eyes and who became a refugee   can’t think otherwise.

Konul Vaqifqizi added that, as a result of Armenian invasion thousands of people have savagely been murdered, nearly one million people became refugees being banished from their native lands. It isn’t difficult understand the feelings of people who lost their dears, lands, possessions and faced hardships. Concussions, psychological shocks cause problems in adapting their new settlements. People find it very difficult to express then selves, they come to such a conclusion that they are no longer useful for the society. This leads to their tearing and nervous tension.



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25.04.2014 06:30

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