The Ukraine and Azerbaijan realism in the policy of double standards

06.03.2014 | 09:50

1394096232_1393945758_1782283_596407837100361_1272322899_oZaur Gariboglu

The editor-in-chief,author of the international e-journal “KarabakhİNFO.com”


I have been writing in social networks for days: We support the Ukraine people, we hear, see and highly appreciate the notes given by the world unity to the Russian Federation in the field of supporting the territory integrity of the Ukraine. We even applaud the statement by the USA president: “Russia can’t prevent the sovereignty and territory integrity of the independent states by force XXI century as in XIX century”. However one point makes me think. What differs us from the Ukraine and the Ukrainians in the sense that since 1988 Russia has touched the sovereignty of the Azerbaijan Republic by Armenia, has made the Azerbaijanis be deported from their own lands – Western Azerbaijan, has occupied 20 percent of our lands, more than a million citizens of Nagorno Karabakh and surrounding region have become refugees from their native lands.


All international documents, research and facts prove that in 1992 the night of February 25 to 26 the bloody massacre against the civilization norms was committed by Armenian armed forces using the armoured units and military men of the regiment 366 which were placed in Khankendi by former USSR. But, why don’t the western states blame Russia for the bloody event happened 22 years ago? Why did the western states keep silence with the USA, at the head, when Serdyukov, the minister of defence of Russia said in Iravan that 10 more objects belonging to the base 102 would be given to Armenia? But isn’t it considered as a military aggression for reputable Barrak Obama, Fransua Olland, Pan Gec Mun, Angela Markel, David Cameron, Didye Burkhalter and other misters thought as “democratic powers”?



The reputable German newspaper connected with the completed trainings of Russian Armed Forces in Armenia, the reputable German newspaper “Tagesspiegel” has noted that those trainings have been held in Nagorno Karabakh which was under the occupation of Armenia in word, but of Russia in reality and which was de-yure known by the UNO, OSCE and the western states. But why didn’t Armenia, France, Germany, Great Britain considering themselves the supporters of democracy make a statement against Russia?!



To make things worse, the world unity states like the USA, France have never made any steps for the sovereignty and territory integrity of Azerbaijan as they did for the Ukraine. I don’t think anything to be done in favour of our country in this field. Because while Azerbaijan commands for battle, the world unity supporting the Ukraine won’t support Azerbaijan, will value our right struggle as an aggresism against “pour Armenian people”. So, it is very painful to be little in the great world. In fact we are not little, but they have made us belittle for ages pasting us into small pieces. I come to such a conclusion that “just world unity” don’t need a second great Turkish state as tolerant Azerbaijan where a member of small nations live. However, not depending on anyone’s opinion Azerbaijan doesn’t need the “support” of great powers of the world. Because Azerbaijan has a strong nation who has overcome many difficulties and is waiting for the battle command of the Supreme Head Commander every moment.



06.03.2014 09:50

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