The weakening is humiliation, the death is tragedy

02.02.2012 | 17:58

1361265532_akif-nagi-big2There is no any Azerbaijani who does not want our territories to be free. When they want it is good thing but it is not enough. It is not enough to want, but it is important to show how much they want. It is not enough to show but you should turn this show to activity. For this we should have three feelings inside: the hatred to enemy, the irreconcilability against occupation and fighting soul. If we have such feelings inside, and there are many people with these feelings, you can be sure that our territories will be freed. The weakening of these feeling would be humiliation; the death of them would be tragedy for our nation.

Every man, who has a trouble for answer to the question “what can I do for freedom of Karabakh” should bring up those three feelings inside, make them strong, act due to those feeling and without depending others will like it or not, should be ready to step in any moment. You should never let the hatred feeling against enemy to die or soften. Nobody should change our mind and nobody should be strong to lie to us. I again repeat: we do not hate Armenian because they are Armenian; we hate them as they are terrorists, occupiers and killers of children. Nobody can prove me that, I should love gangster, occupier, and killers. Enemy occupied my lands, sitting there and do not want to give back. In this case to love the enemy, not to hate them, even like some liberals is abnormal. Europeans say that, you should eat hated as cold meal. I agree, but you should not let it to be cold so much. Hatred is very strong arm. We should use it skillfully. Do not let you hatred to be cold, because it will be hard again flame it.

There are many people who try to kill our irreconcilability feeling to occupation. International organizations try for this telling “there should not be war, negotiations should continue”. Many people serve them inside us too. You remember the popular expression by hero: “who will come with peace suggestions to you, know that he is betrayer”.  Today people who propaganda about the solution of problem by peace and negotiation way, are betrayers. They do this knowing, not knowing, for money or as naïve. Armenians want us to forget our territories and loose our hopes for getting back them. There want us to say “Yerevan” instead of “Irevan, “Stepanakert” instead of
“Khankendi”, “Akna” instead of “Agdam”, “Karvachar” instead of “Kelbecer”, “Berdzor” instead of “Lachin”. There are people who already say this. Some people consider themselves educated to tell this, some do this as they are not educated, some want Armenians to like him, some tell this to show how tolerant he is and so on. We should explain every of these people that, it is not right, the tolerance, loyalty to enemy is not good thing. We should try them to understand that. Or we will not have another chance not to pull their eyes out. The irreconcilability of occupation should be life norm for us. We should strengthen our memory in every moment.

Pythagoras tried to remember everything he had done during a day in order to check the memory. The act of the genius mathematician who did not have any complain from memory should be a lesson for us. We should check our memory for some time a day in order to remember our occupied territories. And ask ourselves: “what we have done in order to free our territories as individual?” Once a man told me in one meeting that, thanks to KLO (Karabakh Liberation Organization) do not let us to forget our occupied lands. One very well known publicist told that, I do not forget Karabakh and do not need KLO for this. After some months I learned that, publicist got one of the wealthiest awards of Europe. I know why those people get such awards. There are people who try to make us forget Karabakh who give this award.
The fighting soul full with the hatred to enemy and irreconcilability should lead our soul and body. The meaning of our life should be preparing us to the holy fight with enemy. We should wait the fighting moment impatiently not depending on our age. We are waiting for the war. Every soldier check three things every morning: if his cap is in right place, if the strap tied right and if the gun is ready. These are outward preparation. Each of us are soldiers not depending on we are in army or not. That is why, every of us should not let our fighting soul to die or weakened and should check our internal preparation- hatred to enemy, irreconcilability to occupation. The victory on enemy and freedom of our territory depends on the preparation of each of us.



02.02.2012 17:58

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