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12.09.2012 | 11:33
1347431594_esirI – Abulfat Karimov, Rashid, was born on 3rd of August in 1960 in Khodjali region. When Khodjali accidents were happening, I was there. I was fighter in the battalion. My late father, Rashid Karimov, Rahim have been participant of the Great Patriotic War. He was second-grade disabled soldier. There was a village called Dahraz in Asgaran region. We were surrounded by Armenians near that region. While trying to break of encirclement, I was captured by Armenians. At that time my father remained in the forest and missed away. We don’t know where he is now.

Armenians took me away to Dahraz too. I was kept in a farm. Except me there were 100-150 people. There were women, oldies and children among them. Then they divided us to take away another place. They had kept 19 people, and took away the rest of them. I was among 19 people. Then they took away us, too. When we were passing through Khodjali, we were horrifying. There were too much Armenians in Khodjali. They were plundering the houses. They brought us to the upside of village, near the airport, ant began to beat and torture us. Then again we were getting on to the car, and were brought to Khankendi. Then they conveyed us to motor depot and began to tortured, that were beyond description. They conveyed us to local police office, they have written our names.Then we were divided to cloak-rooms. At the beginning I was captured in seventh cloak-room. Afterwards, as the number of people decrease, they conveyed us to 3rd cloak-room. I was captured 2 months there. They tortured us very hard. It is really hard to explain by words, we were counting even each second. We didn’t know if we survive for tomorrow or not. They were fractured our fingers by leaving between the doors, they were pulled out golden teeth of us. They didn’t give us water and food. After a while they gave us 3 sips of water and a bite of bread. Mostly didn’t give even one sip of water. They were beating us so much, that even the nails of floor have been tacked off their places. We saw indescribable agony, tortures and oppression during those two months. Every night we were beating till losing consciousness. They brought special Armenians to beat and torture us. They were well-grown men. There was neutral zone between Asgaran and Aghdam. On on 27th of April they were exchanged us with Armenians there. Now I am living Baku, Kurdaxani village of Sabunchu region with my family. I am second-grade disabled Karabakh soldier. I am not working.


Aysel Talibli


12.09.2012 11:33

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