Which is loftier: flag or constitution?

21.11.2013 | 11:40

1385019157_1384508483_1384164262_7479afazil-mustafafafaFazil MUSTAFA

Doctor of Philopsophy of national parliament

Flag is amaterial value symbolizes the spiritual values ​​of the nation. Talkingabout Azerbaijanflag, it is necessary to pay attention which value is transferred the firston Azerbaijaniflag.Weare Turkish nation, European culture, the Islamic people” is one of addressing form.” Turkicized, Modernize, Islamicized!” is another formof addressing. Evendemonstrated for simplifying “Sky, blood of martyrs, green,” not addressing as the findings of other trivial explanations immediately I say that Azerbaijan society don’t accept a serious attitude to Azerbaijan flag. In fact, the tricolor flag of Azerbaijan wants a whole love. When someone talks about Turkish nation, the othersstomach hurts ,or talking about European culture, says “alas, sharia went up,” or talking about islamization, someone else says the fear of the spread of the a plague disease,. Ask each of us sincere, you’ll see: the underlying meaning of these colors, or one or two of the loves, the meaning of love in one place, the number of this people are not so much.


This is not my claim, for a moment, everyone has to putflag in front of them and test their respect ofmeaning of three colors. In my example, I can tell that the first of three I took into consideration more superior thanthe others. Step-by-step Ibegan tolove thethree meanings. Full of equalemotions. I realized that it unnecessary to change the meaning of the flag.Need to change the flag because they do. I think is totally inappropriate to change the colors because of hurting the other nations. Leader Ethnos language is accepted as a basic intercourse in each state and other few dozen people’s languages, traditions,rights and freedoms can survive together. Why does anyone bother of ethnos’s name expression on the flag? Why we have to feel uncomfortable sayingthat the language should be the namedas Turkish language? If there is a scientific justification for it, why we have to change it? The majority of the people can establish a democratic, strong state when share everything with other people who live in the same area. Concern begins at that time when the rights and freedoms of other minorities reduce, prevent access to education in their native language, traditions.


Today in Azerbaijan living Talysh , lezgin , paddle , Kurdish , Russian , Jewish, flavor are the richness of the country and if these people show respect and love why we haven’t to love them? Because of five – decade remote separatistswhy we must look with suspicion?Or when it comes to the European culture issue the speak about sexual minorities, deformation of the family. Who will take this step if there is no respect of family values ​​in society?Is there any example in the modern history of Azerbaijan? Not now, I mean just after fifty years will be any public censure? Generalevaluation of this Europeans, who you consider immoraldo you show the same respect that they show their churches during worshipping? Is it you love to meanings of flag? Take another look at contrast. November 9 is Flagday, November 12 is Constitution at Day. For some reason, this article was written in the middle of these two days. Think also about relationship between the two precious holidays .Remember our anthem: «Trio banner live happily! » And I understood that it is impossible to live happily without tricolor flag. It seems as a coincidence, ashort time difference between two holidays but in my view,tries to remind an important truth. A nation cannot survive without Constitution. Flag and Constitution complete each other as a body.


Because of not finding two phenomenaunit we cannot place connectivity and trust properly. In calendar, Flag Day is day off,but Constitution day is working day. Perhaps it means you gained the flag now can rest. Constitution still doesn’t work properly, work a little bit. In other words, wedo not deserve a rest day. But most houses do not even have Constitution,or who has in their houses became dusty. After being elected flag is always kissed put on our eyes. Putting our hand on the constitution, take an oath. In all cases, it emerges the image of the flag survival advantage.Waving of the national flag in the world we live in, is the fact that the wind doesn’t move the flag actually constitution working to protect the person’s humanity. There is a three-day distance between the Flag and Constitution Day. Each day, can add value loving the colors



21.11.2013 11:40

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