Azerbaijani President: “Justice, international law must be restored”

13.11.2014 | 11:39

iran-azerbWe always feel the support of Iran in the settlement of the Armenian-Azerbaijan Nagorno-Karabakh conflict, the most important problem for Azerbaijan. Iran’s position is based on international law and justice,” said President Ilham Aliyev at the joint statement to the press with President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Hassan Rouhani


The Head of the State noted that the conflict for many years does not find its solution: “Eternal and historical territories of Azerbaijan – Nagorno-Karabakh and seven adjacent districts are under the occupation of the Armenian armed forces. The norms of international law are violated grossly. The UN Security Council – the supreme body of the world has adopted four resolutions on the conflict that require unconditional withdrawal of Armenian forces from the occupied territories. Unfortunately, Armenia ignores these resolutions. All the occupied lands, our historical monuments were destroyed. The graves of our ancestors, our mosques were destroyed by Armenian bandit groups.”



Ilham Aliyev stressed that the OSCE fact-finding mission visited the occupied territories twice, and confirmed it in their report. As a result of the conflict, There are over 1 million Azerbaijani refugees and displaced persons. “20 percent of our territories are under the occupation. We underwent the policy of ethnic cleansing. Armenians committed Khojaly genocide against Azerbaijanis. Settlement of the conflict within the territorial integrity, of course, will bring peace to the region. There is no other way to resolve this conflict. Justice, international law must be restored. Azerbaijan should restore its territorial integrity. ”





13.11.2014 11:39

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